Person avoiding payment of up to AZN 1 mln tax arrested in Azerbaijan

Baku: A person avoiding tax payment was arrested in Azerbaijan.

According to Analytic-Information Department of the Ministry of Taxes, operational measures based on the information received by Department for Preliminary Investigation of Tax Crimes revealed that resident of Zumurkhach village of Barda region Bayramov Farrukh Teymur (TIN: 4000286482), registered in the Territorial Department of Tax #11, avoided payment of AZN 185,901 tax from incomes on export of AZN 1.6 mln-agricultural products to Russia to the state budget by violating articles #16.1.1, 16.13, 16.1.7, 53.1, 77.3, 78.1, 130.1, 152.1 of the Tax Code of Azerbaijan as a responsible person for accounting of taxes and payment to state budget during his entrepreneurial activity.

Moreover, Bayramov engaged in entrepreneurial activity by using identification number of Khalilov Asif Vahid, Nuriyev Arzu Neymat, Orujov Jamaladdin Ibrahim and Orujov Orkhan Jamaladdin who registered in the Territorial Department of Tax #11 as tax payers, organized purchase of different agricultural products under the name of them and export to Russia. In this case, though he was a responsible person for payment of taxes, he avoided to pay AZN 733,769 to the state budget.

He was arrested over the crime envisaged in the article #213.2.2 of the Criminal Code and handed over to detention facility of the Yasamal District Police Office.

Bayramov was sentenced to pretrial detention under the judgment passed by Yasamal District Court dated to October 24, 2014.


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