People get used to disturbing artillery fires to Turkmen Dagi

As heavy bombardment against Turkmen Dagi (Turkmen Mount) region continues, smokes stemming from exploded missiles are being seen with naked eye from southern Turkish province of Hatay’s Yayladagi district neighboring with Turkmen Dagi located in Syria.

People in Turkish side is trying to get used the disturbing sounds coming from Turkmen Dagi.

Smoke pillow over the mount caused by bombardment and missile fires of Assad regime and Russian forces can be seen clearly from neighboring Turkey’s Yayladagi region.

After the Russian Su-24 fighter jet was shot down near Turkish province of Yayladagi by Turkish jets on Tuesday tension between Turkey and Russia is still tense. Meanwhile, daily life is continuing like other days while rising smokes and missile sounds coming from Syria’s Turkmen Dagi region disturbing people living in Yayladagi.

Despite the continuing attacks to Turkmen Dagi, where mostly Bayirbucak Turkmens is located. People in the Turkish side are seems to get used the violent sounds of bombardment in the other side of the Turkish border where Turkmens are still continuing their resistance against Syrian regime forces consolidated by Russian forces.

On the other hand, many Turkmen civilians who fled from the heavy bombardments of Assad forces are being placed by the tents set by Turkey.


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