Penitentiary Service: Leyla Yunus was reprimanded for gross violation of rules and unethical behavior toward doctors

Baku: The Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice says the recent media reports that Leyla Yunus has been allegedly subjected to physical and mental abuse by the prison employees are unfounded, the press assistant of chief of Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Service Yashar Isakov told APA.

According to him, the media reports that several persons in civilian clothing allegedly entered the cell where Leyla Yunus and woman named Shahyeva Gulyaz were detained, and they offended the defendant do not reflect the reality.

“The persons in civilian clothing were the Health Ministry’s physicians specialized in various fields who were invited to the jail to examine Leyla Yunus’s health upon the request of her and her lawyers. Leyla Yunusova screamed out loud as she was allegedly subjected to abuse. She was reprimanded for grossly violation of the rules and unethical behavior toward the doctors”, Isakov said.

It is noted that Leyla Yunus was informed beforehand about the doctors’ visit, and all actions against physicians were deliberately conceived. Leyla Yunus previously attempted to attract attention with similar actions and treated roughly with police officers while she was detained. These cases testify the fact that Leyla Yunus is prone to such rude actions.

The Penitentiary Service reiterates that with the view of misleading public union, such baseless information is disseminated by prisoners and defendants, who seek to violate rules and receive privileges, not considered by the law, as well as their relatives.

Note that, Leyla Yunus wrote a letter, saying that several men entered the cell where she was detained, and behaved indecently toward her.