Payments for Hajj pilgrimage to be made in accordance with exchange rate of dollar this year

Baku: Payments for the Hajj pilgrimage will be made in accordance with the exchange rate of U.S. dollar in Azerbaijan this year, the Caucasian Muslims Office told APA.

The pilgrims will make the payments according to the exchange rate of U.S. dollar. This is caused by the recent changes in the exchange rate of the Azerbaijani manat.

The Office said that payments will be made in U.S. dollar according to the changes in the exchange rate of AZN for the day.

The pilgrimage this year is offered in two forms as usual, but prices have risen a little bit. One option, which offers more prestigious hotels where guests can have much more expensive meals and stay in four-bed rooms, will coast AZN 5,750. The other, which offers relatively cheaper hotels with six-bed rooms, will coast AZN 4,700.

The documents required of pilgrims include the passport, a copy of the national identification card, four 3×4 photos and a health certificate.

The CMO denied some media reports about the possibility of USD payment, stressing that pilgrims can only make AZN payment. The Office also warned that submission of documents can only be done at the CMO and that other organizations would be held responsible if they carry out this process. And because of conflicts in the Middle East, the pilgrimage process will take place via air only.

Note that, payments were made in AZN last year.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency