Parents want 3 TEOG exam questions withdrawn

The TEOG exam, taken by almost 1.17 million students this year, was adopted at the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year, replacing the Level Determination Examination (SBS) and is an important factor in qualifying for admission to students’ preferred high schools. According to the new system, eighth graders must take 12 tests covering six subjects during the academic year, six during the fall semester and six during the spring term.

The parents of a number of students who took the November exam have filed complaints over three questions that were on the science and technology, the Turkish language and the Turkish revolutionary history tests, claiming to have found mistakes, the Meydan daily reported on Sunday.

The parents claim that a question on the science and technology test and one on the Turkish language test have more than one correct answer. The objection to a question on the revolutionary history test is based on the claim that the question concerns a topic that is not covered in the course book published by the Ministry of Education.

Two other questions, including one on the science and technology test, have previously been invalidated by the Ministry of Education, which administers the exam. The ministry announced three hours after the science test had been completed that it had found a question to be incorrect and that the answers would not be counted toward the final score. Another question on the visually impaired students’ version of the test was also invalidated by the ministry a few days after the exam.

While three questions are currently the subject of legal proceedings, educators say that 10 other questions on the November exam are also controversial, suggesting that additional complaints may be filed, according to the Meydan report.

The ministry had said the students’ results would be released in January 2016. However, it is expected that the announcement will be postponed since the ministry will have to wait for the court to make a ruling on the complaints before it can announce the results.

The TEOG exam has been the focus of much criticism since it replaced the SBS, one of which being that although reducing examination stress and making sure students would have more time for extracurricular activities was a goal, it has, in fact, caused more stress as students now have to take 12 exams throughout the year rather than one each year.