Parents to be fined for pupils’ school absence in Azerbaijan

Baku: Azerbaijani parliament has today discussed the amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences.

Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on legal policy and state building, Ali Huseynli gave information about the draft law.

According to article #51.1-1 annexed to the Code, except for reasons specified by the relevant executive authority, a parent will face AZN 100 fine due to pupil’s 7-day absence from classes in a month.

MP Elmira Akhundova opposed the draft law. “There is no problem in attendance of some private schools. However, the attendance is low in some schools, because pupils are trained by tutors to universities. Let’s not bring the issue of money to schools, it will lead to other consequences,” she said.

Vice-speaker Bahar Muradova said that it is known for what reason the amendment came to the agenda. “Sometimes, children are involved in home work helping their parents. Some parents consider it is preferable for children to receive religious education, some others encourage their children to early marriages. Anyway, if parents bear responsibility, why should we remove their liabilities?! Not only state but parents bear liability for compulsory education. We should draw a lesson from the recent developments. Thus the proposed mechanism is normal one.”

The draft law was put to vote and adopted.