Parents file complaint against teacher for sexual harassment

The parents filed their complaint at the Kucukcekmece Public Prosecutor’s Office. According to their claims, a teacher, A.o., harassed five female students at his school on different dates. The incidents became evident when the mother of one of the students grew suspicious of her daughter’s behavior.

According to the mother of 11-year-old Y.A., her daughter began to act differently all of a sudden. “My daughter grew very silent. I became suspicious. One day, she came home and told me that she no longer wanted to go to that school. When I asked her what happened, she began to cry and told me that her teacher had sexually harassed her,” the mother told reporters.

The mother also said her daughter had previously loved going to school and that her future plans for education had been ruined because of her teacher. The teacher is reportedly married with two children.

Erman onel, the lawyer for the families, said an investigation into the teacher may take four to six months and that the teacher may be dismissed as a result of the investigation. “He may even be sentenced up to 30 years for sexually abusing minors [if found guilty],” he stated.

Today’s Zaman also spoke to some students at the school. One of the students said the teacher forced male and female students to sit next to each other and spoke to them about dating. “On Feb. 14, our teacher asked the male students to stand up. He asked them if they had girlfriends. They replied ‘no.’ Then he asked the female students to stand up and asked them the same question. They also replied ‘no.’ Our teacher began to laugh. He said Feb. 14 was Valentine’s Day. He asked the girls and boys to sit side by side. He also threatened us not to change our seats.”

The mother of 12-year-old B.S. said the teacher grew furious when he saw her daughter reading a religious book in class. A.o. has denied the accusations leveled against him, calling himself a victim of slander.