Panic mode

There are only a few days to go before the election slated for June 7.
The Justice and Development Party (AKP), which has been in power for 13 years, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have been doing everything to make it no ordinary election. They have turned it into a life-and-death matter for them and it is no longer an election by which the change or continuation of the ruling party will be voted. Indeed, it is now a poll to vote about the very nature of the regime. The AKP seeks to bury Turkeyand’s 150-year-old parliamentary experience deep in the ground, and although it is doing this involuntarily to a great extent, Erdogan is pushing it with extreme zeal.
Erdoganand’s wish, of course, does not stem from one of his personal fancies or his belief that his suis generis presidential system will be of great benefit to the country. Rather, Erdogan represents the completely corrupt and decadent administration which turned out to be knee deep in graft and corruption on December 17 and 25, 2013. He is after a new system in which he and his close circles will not be held accountable for their corrupt practices. Erdogan and his cronies do not care about if this dream system of theirs is anti-democratic or unlawful. This is because, despite their systematic efforts to paralyze it, the current political system may eventually pave the way for their being brought to court and held to account for the graft and bribery charges as well as their controversial relations with the radical Islamist terrorist organizations which they support in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya.
Erdogan and his close circle knew it best that it wonand’t merely be power they will lose when they fail to obtain favorable results from the election. They perceive any election outcome which does not allow the AKP to take constitutional amendments to a referendum — at a minimum — as a nightmare. An election result that does not give the AKP the opportunity to form a single-party government is more than a nightmare for Erdogan and his close circle.
The terror of the possibility of facing this nightmare is apparently keeping Erdogan up at night although he became President with extensive electoral support. Perhaps, he cannot properly enjoy the pomp and luxury and lavishness he has created at his illegal palace using public resources. He cannot get a momentand’s peace of mind. Moved by this fear and panic, he engages in mean acts that can hardly be reconciled with the dignity of his position at the top of the state.
In complete disregard for the oath of impartiality he took for his dignity and honor under the Constitution, he devises ridiculous pretexts to hold extremely partisan rallies which are aired live by dozens of TV networks under his control to urge voters to support the AKP. Erdogan repeats the same arguments, same lies and same slanders in these rallies and there is no journalistic principle that can be used to justify the live broadcasting of his every speech by all national TV networks.
With the empty promises, lies and slanders he parrots in these rallies or in the interviews aired by dozens of TV channels, Erdogan literally wages a kind of brainwashing campaign or mass hypnosis session. As he steps up these efforts in an unparalleled panic, his respectability or prestige is taking a serious blow. The popular interest in him and his lies is dwindling. The exclusive interviews he gives, aired live by dozens of TV networks, fall short of generating the interest invested even in the cartoon series andquotKeloilan.andquot Erdoganand’s incessant interviews turn out to be a real burden which TV networks find increasingly harder to tolerate in their race for ratings.
It is crystal clear that Erdogan, who assumes the most honorable, most dignified and most powerful position within the state apparatus, is in the grip of fear and panic because he has been involved in controversial and reprehensible acts which are not only unseemly for that position, but also may be considered as serious crimes under the constitution and international law. Erdogan and his close circle are no longer a subject-matter of political science or other social sciences with the acts they commit in panic. They cannot enjoy even the speck of the peace of mind of the groups who are victims of their unlawful and ruthless tyrannies. With their panic over the possibility of losing their despotic power built upon fear, they are more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
As their fear of losing increases, Erdogan and his close circle engage in panic-stricken acts that can be explained only by psychiatry. With the despair of a hopeless person who is at the brink of losing everything, they appear crazy enough to destroy everyone else on their own path to destruction.
Look at this! Although he is supposed to be impartial, Erdogan engages in low-bred brawls with opposition parties in his rallies. Luckily enough, opposition party leaders do not generally address their comments to him in response.
With panic and fear, he extorts Turkeyand’s largest and strongest interest-free national private bank, Bank Asya. This leads to damage to already fragile Turkish economy that can hardly be restored.
He publicly threatens Cumhuriyet newspaperand’s Editor-in-Chief Can Dandundar for publishing only a small portion of the scandalous crimes committed by the gang he leads.
As if this is not enough, he attempts to ensure that dozens of journalists should be detained and dissident and the assets of critical media groups should be confiscated with unfounded charges or rumors.
As he falls from grace, the sense of total exhaustion and loss of prestige is driving him to excessive aggression. He bypasses the administration of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu to issue his own instructions for operations. He orders the detention or arrest of dozens of people. He lambastes and threatens any person who dares criticize him in the least.
Threats and insults are tossed around, but Erdogan — who gives the impression of being a paper bully — fails to scare anyone. Bold and honorable people from all ideologies and beliefs who strive to uphold democracy, the rule of law, moral values and freedom can defy Erdogan and his crime syndicate with the courage of knowing that they are right. This keeps alive our hopes that democracy can be restored in this country. It is good to have these bold people!

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman