Palestinian Ambassador blames UNSC for dragging feet despite Israeli agression

NEW YORK (CIHAN)- Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour told reporters on Wednesday (9 July) that the Security Council “is dragging its feet” while Israel’s “aggression and collective punishment” is taking place.

Mansour, together with Saudi Ambassador Abdallah Al-Mouallimi and Kuwaiti Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi briefed reporters after meeting with Ambassador Eugène Gasana of Rwanda, President of the Security Council for the month of July.

The Palestinian diplomat said that they had demanded Gasana that the Security Council “act and to act immediately to bring this aggression to a halt.”

Mansour commented on a recent statement by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and said it was “unacceptable that the United Nations and the Secretary General not to condemn the killing of civilians, particularly the killing of children.”

With militants in the Gaza Strip stepping up rocket attacks against Israel, and Israeli airstrikes on the enclave intensifying, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday said that he is ‘extremely concerned” by the escalating violence, and reiterated his call on all actors to exercise maximum restraint and avoid further civilian casualties and overall destabilization.

He also said the Israel government wants “to do everything possible in order to discredit the national consensus government. They want to break our homeland into two pieces and then they want to break our political system into two pieces.”

He stressed “the Palestinian people are one. The government is one, the President is President Abbas. We are defending ourselves against the aggression against our people.”

At as later press conference Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor said “Hamas dragged us into this conflict. First they kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers as they made their way home from school. Then they began indiscriminately to fire rockets on our homes and our cities.”

He pointed out that “these are the same model rockets that Iran tried to send to Gaza in March and was stopped by the Israeli Defence Forces.”

Prosor said Hamas is the “murderous group behind these attacks” and have seat on the Palestinian government.

He said “the international community bought into a bad deal and Israeli civilians are paying the price everyday, including today.”

The Israeli ambassador said that “we have a unity government which part, 50 percent at least, is a terrorist organization” and added that this “should be put clearly on the table of the international community.”

Israeli-Palestinian violence has flared in the wake of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank in late June and the subsequent kidnapping and killing of a Palestinian teenager from East Jerusalem last week.