Painting contest held by Turks living in Arizona to help needy children

ARIZONA: A painting contest was held by the Foundation for Inter-Cultural Dialogue (FID) established by Turkish people living in Arizona in an effort to raise money for a nursery for homeless children.

The organization, sponsored by Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan, was attended by a large attendance. Sixty paintings which got degree in the contest were auctioned and all of the money from the sale was donated for Crisis Nursery which takes care of homeless and abused children.

Speaking during the event, Reagan praised the FID for its activities, expressing her thanks to each person who participated in the organization. She added she understood how a rightful decision she made to support such a social project when she saw huge crowd in the event.

Judge John McComish, one of the attendees, said such a project carried out by the FID is of great importance for the US. He said it is a successful enterprise to help people by combining art and education.