Outspoken journalist faces ‘terror’ probe for including prosecutor’s name in report

An outspoken Turkish journalist, Arzu Yildiz, faces an investigation on charges of and”terrorismand” because she mentioned the full name of a prosecutor in one of her news reports.
Yildiz, who is a journalist from Gri Hat, a digital platform formed by a group of journalists who had been dismissed from their previous positions, faces charges of and”targeting individuals involved in the fight against terrorism.and”
An investigation has been launched against Yildiz on the grounds that she made Istanbul Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor ismail Uandcar a target in a news report in which she covered a petition filed by Istanbul Police Department Financial Crimes Unit Police Chief Yakup Saygili, who was arrested on Sept. 4 of last year as part of a government-orchestrated investigation of the police force.
In his petition filed on Wednesday, Saygili claimed that Uandcar falsified official documents related to the police operation in which he was detained along with other police chiefs on Sept. 1 of last year.
Lashing out at the terror investigation launched against her via successive tweets she posted on Friday, Yildiz asked: and”Since when is filing news reports considered [an act of] terrorism? I just reported what the petition said. I will file the necessary complaint with the HSYK [Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors]. Actually, I should not be surprised by the fact that those who interpreted the corruption [investigation] as a coup were able to interpret a news report as an act of a terrorist organization. This is a superior ability!and”
Journalist and television presenter Sedef Kabai, who was detained and later released on Dec. 30 of last year for posting tweets critical of the governmentand’s handling of a major corruption investigation, also faces similar charges as those directed at Yildiz.
Kabai is now facing a prison sentence of up to five years on the same charge, and”targeting individuals involved in the fight against terrorism.and”
Kabai had criticized prosecutors for dropping a corruption and bribery investigation that implicated various high-ranking state officials in a tweet she posted.
In an indictment prepared by Prosecutor Vedat Yiiit against Kabai, Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Hadi Salihoilu is listed as the plaintiff. The indictment said Kabai targeted Salihoilu in a tweet she posted on Nov. 26, 2014. Kabai had written: and”Never forget the name of this man. The prosecutor who decided on non-prosecution over the Dec. 17 investigation is Hadi Salihoilu.and”

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman