The news story entitled “Funds raised from firms for tenders during Sabah-ATV purchase” published in your newspaper on 29.02.2014 and on the website on the same date, is a GROUNDLESS NEWS STORY, issued in company with untrue information and specifically designed to unfairly direct and provoke the public against Turkuvaz Media Group on purpose.

It is utterly clear that such and similaruntrue news stories are prepared with no intention other than of discrediting and wearing away at the clients and designed with the purpose of distorting the reality.

The news story in Today’s Zaman and the website of the newspaper is so untrue and deprived of character and information that although the fact that the partnership structure of Turkuvaz Media Group has not changed could be learned after a brief research: the news story tries to portray the situation as if the group was taken over, irregular processes were used and the Client Companies are part of this irregularity. Even this point does show how ill-willed, FICTIONAL AND UNTRUE the news story is.

Again, the news story in question is so untrue and fictional that the publishers regarded it necessary to hide behind an anonymous Twitter user. The news story aims at creating a negative perception about the media organs owned by the client companies by naming such organs and explaining the meaning of the anonymous Twitter user, who does not have enough courage to reveal his/her identity.

The fact that misguiding and denigrating news stories about the Client Companies by referring to the media organs they own are prepared, and the fact that our client companies are faced with unfair accusations clearly show the fact that the publishers of the news story are deprived of a true ethics of journalism and are completely inclined to produce fanciful scenarios.

For this reason, reserving our legal rights with regard to untrue and groundless news story in question, which was prepared by ill-willed authors, we kindly announce to the public that we condemn those individuals and institutions who published and disseminated this news story. Such individuals and institutions have not yet realized that although they think they sailed the oceans, they are drowned in a small stream.