ORHAN OIUZ – Turkey as a country of reasonable doubt

Turkey as a country of reasonable doubtTurkey has officially become a country of reasonable doubt after the passage of the bill on domestic security in Parliament. The domestic security package referred by the interior minister to Parliament will enable the police and the gendarmerie to search anybody or any vehicle without a court order The prosecutors will not be involved in this process governors will be able to give direct orders to the enforcement units that are subordinate to the prosecutors.

Every move the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government is making to deal with the corruption charges has the effect of destroying the law and legality. We have not experienced such a political process before.

The next stage in this trend will be the state of illegality experienced during the Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP) single party era and the military coups. With the exception of those who benefit from the system, all are bothered by the grave developments and the trend in Turkey.

Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu frequently refers to the notion of public order An order where the rights and freedoms of the people are destroyed and violated cannot be called public order You cannot secure legitimacy by calling an authoritarian regime public order Let us take a look at how Professor Yucel Sayman describes this so-called public order: andldquoIn the 1980s and 1990s, people used to be taken into custody unfairly and they used to be referred to court without a lawyer We have introduced many rights, thanks to the EU membership process. Now the government is taking those rights back.

andrdquoOf course, things are not as bad now as what happened in the 1980s, but the government is taking steps to introduce even graver practices and rules. Back then, a number of laws were introduced for the sake of public order and national security.

Everything done to religious people, left-wingers and the Kurds was justified by this pretext. Now the AK Party is trying to do the same by resorting to the same justification.

This notion of public order was one of the things that bothered the AK Party most in the past. Now they are trying to impose this notion.

It is not necessary to be a genius to predict that this imposition will not lead to constructive results. The 1990s when illegality was prevalent took Turkey to the edge of a collapse we may experience the same now.

A country where everybody is declared a potential suspect, profiled and deprived of their rights will not be democratic. Polemics that Muslims discovered America and that Muslim scholars discovered that the earth is round are not proper materials to manipulate these discussions.

No polemic can outweigh human rights. Where bureaucrats and public officers are arbitrarily reappointed and removed from their posts, we cannot speak of a public order A bureaucratic structure where fairness and merits are not considered cannot generate good for the people.

The political administration will pay the bill for its mistakes by being rejected by the people. The signs we are now seeing of a decline in popularity show that the political administration is not on the right track.

Now we are reading statements and columns by pro-government figures and writers saying that corruption is actually wrong. This is just a perception operation being staged to give the impression that they did not actually support corruption.

Unfortunately, those who have regrets will not be able to sustain the same process and illegality. You may win elections by perception operations, but absolute power cannot be attained.

Nobody will defend a system where justice collapses a Turkey where everybody will become a victim of reasonable doubt will be the greatest mistake of the AK Party and nobody will forget this.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman