ORHAN OIUZ – Media might be silenced, but not history

Media might be silenced, but not historyThose who staged an operation against the Turkish media on Dec. 14 may win a partial victory.

You may silence the free press for a while. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its natural and indisputable leader already controlled most of the media Some media bosses had been made submissive to the government and this partyand#39s leader in return for privileges in public tenders, and some fail to raise their voices because of growing campaigns of intimidation.

Some rare media outlets and their journalists and columnists standing up against the AKPand#39s authoritarian and despotic rule are now being intimidated with legal action.On Dec.

14, a number of members of the media, including Zaman Editor-in-Chief Ekrem DumanlI and Samanyolu TV Chairman Hidayet Karaca, were placed under detention. Those who were detained include the directors of a TV series, interns and even scriptwriters.

By this logic, all directors or scriptwriters who refer to the CIA, use FBI figures in their productions or narrate the stories of the First Gulf War, the Iraq War or the Vietnam War should be arrested. Likewise, if you rely on this logic, you should bring the actor Kevin Costner to court for his part in the movie on former US President John F Kennedyand#39s assassination, and director Francis Ford Coppola for andldquoThe Godfatherandrdquo Whatever you may want to call it, tragedy or comedy, this is what is happening in Turkey right now.

The AKP government is staging these operations to ensure that the corruption investigations of Dec. 17 and 25, 2013 go unnoticed on their first anniversaries.

The goal is to declare civilian voices and media workers terrorists and to silence dissident media outlets. Let us recall what the author Alev AlatlI said to praise the AKP and its indisputable leader She said, andldquoIf he had seen this, George Orwell would have applauded you Turkey is having its renaissance.

andrdquo It is obvious what would happen to Orwell, who wrote the book andldquoNineteen Eighty-Fourandrdquo to criticize and expose totalitarian rule, had he lived in Turkey. According to the security package the AKP adopted a few days ago, everybody is considered a suspect based on reasonable doubt without requiring any additional evidence.

Thus, Orwell would have been a reasonable suspect in Turkey and would have been jailed without any reason. Turkey, which shows no sign of progress in science, education or art, seems to have preferred an era of inquisition over an era of renaissance.

It has already been noted that the AKP and President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan want to take Turkey away from the Western bloc and democratic rule. The statements by ErdoIan when he said they wanted to be part of the Shanghai group were the initial signs.

The AKP government now gives meaningless and unreasonable reactions to strong criticism of these illegal media operations from Europe and the US. ErdoIan says, andldquoEurope should keep its wisdom to itself if necessary, we will give up on the [EU] membership process.

andrdquo Such statements raise serious concerns, because this means that ErdoIan seeks to freeze relations with Europe and the US to intimidate his opponents in Turkey.The government, which wants to complete the construction of a despotic regime in this era, will not allow any critical voice or institution.

The Turkish people are unaware of this horrible plan because there are few brave media that will reveal the course of developments, the goals and the methods of the government. We are facing a dystopia that could be called Big Brother 2014 Turkey.

Like during the rule of former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, journalists and book writers are being declared criminals. Like in the era of the former leader of the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin, journalists are being intimidated and made a target for elimination in jail.

The AKP government, which is aligned with radical Islamist groups, does not want a democratic Turkey. They should, however, remember that the media may be silenced, but not history.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman