ORHAN KEMAL – Why are the PKK and Hezbollah in conflict?

Why are the PKK and Hezbollah in conflict?At the height of the armed conflict in southeast Turkey in the 1990s, all of a sudden a strange player popped up and started to have a serious influence on the course of events — it was the Hezbollah, a bloody Jihadist organization, which recruited mostly Kurds in the region.Turkey remembers their houses, which had grave-rooms underneath.

While they were fighting against the Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK), they were also kidnapping moderate Muslims and executing them after torturing them in these grave-rooms. In those days there were security checkpoints on every corner of the southeast, but somehow Hezbollah militants were able to travel with their kidnapped victims from across the country to the areaYears later we understood that the so-called andldquodeep stateandrdquo (JITEM) was helping and organizing all these bloody murderers and this was their tactic to fight the PKK.

I remember all of this because nowadays there are very strange things happening in the southeast again. In spite of calls from PKK leader Abdullah calan and PKK commanders in the Kandil Mountains in Iraq, the PKKand#39s youth wing — the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H) — is involved in an intense fight with members of the Free Cause Party (Huda-Par), which is a legal political party but somehow affiliated with Hezbollah.

As Todays Zaman reported (http:www.todayszaman.

comanasayfa_two-dead-as-pkk-huda-par-members-clash- in-cizre_368161.html) there was a clash between members of YDG-H and Huda-Par recently.

While we were all watching the events in astonishment and trying to make sense of these developments, pro-Kurdish Peoplesand#39 Democratic Party (HDP)o-chair Selahattin DemirtaI made quite an interesting announcement. He said: andldquoWhen the conflict started in Cizre, we found out that there had been provocative messages on some social media accounts and they were inciting youths from both sides against each other We will inform prosecutors about these social media accounts and will request the identification of their owners.

I guess these accountsand#39 owners are pretending that they are from Huda-Par or that they are Kurdish youths but actually they do not belong to them Therefore what happened in Cizre is just a conspiracy by people who have infiltrated both sides and who consciously wish to create conflicts and massacres.andrdquoVeteran journalist NazlI IlIcak from the Bugun daily posed an interesting question in her column on Jan.

1 Could this conflict be a conspiracy by the andldquodeep state,andrdquo which has gained strength as a result of the governmentand#39s recent policies of approaching Ergenekon circles with sympathy?IlIcak states that the andldquodeep stateandrdquo may be using this conflict to prepare fertile ground for a military coup against the government. I cannot rule out this possibility.

However, this conflict is also a repetition of a much bloodier one that took place on Oct. 6-7 in the southeast.

The PKK back than praised these conflicts, which started after the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)ircled Kobani. In this conflict, many people — including 16-year-old Yasin Bru — have been killed by PKK sympathizers just because of their resemblance to ISIL militants.

Huda-Par has been linked to the Hezbollah tradition but it is still a legal political party. The PKK has no tolerance of any competition in the region.

These recent conflicts in Cizre may be a result of the PKKand#39s polices of being the only dominant power in the region or may be a conspiracy by some andldquodeep stateandrdquo elements for some specific purposes. Whatever the root cause of these conflicts may be, one thing is sure, that they pose a serious threat to the peace process and security in Turkey.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman