ORHAN KEMAL – What the last days of 2014 tell us about 2015

What the last days of 2014 tell us about 2015As I sat down to write my last piece of 2014, the news was running on my screen. Two stories in particular summarized 2014, and indicated how 2015 might be.

The first news story said that the prosecutors who conducted the Dec. 17 and 25, 2013 corruption operations have been laid off.

This must be the first step before taking them into custody and putting them in prison.You know what happened after these corruption investigations started thousands of police officers were removed from their duties, prosecutors conducting the corruption graft were dispersed all over the country, and now they have been taken off duty.

Nothing is surprising. The police officers involved in the corruption investigation are in prison now, accused of attempting to stage a coup against the government.

This latest development with the prosecutors tells us that these prosecutors are on their way to prison, to share the same destiny as the police officers.The second news piece, which gives us quite a good sense of where this country is heading, was about journalist Sedef KabaI, who was taken into custody by the police because of her tweets in which she criticized the courtand#39s decision not to prosecute those involved in the Dec.

17 and 25 investigations.Police detained KabaI in response to her tweets criticizing the prosecutorand#39s decision to drop charges against figures implicated in the Dec.

17 and 25 investigations. KabaI said in one of her tweets, andldquoDo not forget these prosecutors,andrdquo or something to that degree.

The prosecutors complained that she was targeting them Her home was raided by police, her computer was taken and she was taken into custody while I was writing this piece.Do I need to say that by taking KabaI into custody, they aim to intimidate her and every single journalist in this country who dares to write anything about the corruption scandal and how it was covered up?You know when ErdoIan declared that Turkey has the freest media in the world, he also mentioned that new arrests might take place in connection with the investigation of Zaman and Samanyolu.

I do not like to be that pessimistic, and do not want to write a gloomy piece about the past year and the year to come, but I am afraid that there are not many hopeful developments on the horizon. Media freedom has been melting like snow under a hot sun.

The regime is becoming authoritarian with full speed. Like I was trying to explain in my previous piece, even the so-called peace process does not seem to have the potential to enrich democracy in Turkey, rather, it only has the potential to help ErdoIan reach his ambitions.

Nevertheless, I hope following days bring more freedom, peace and democracy to Turkey and everywhere in the world. I hope all your wishes come true for 2015.

See you next year.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman