ORHAN – Europe: between metamorphosis and disintegration

Europe: between metamorphosis and disintegrationA book co-authored by two of the worldand#39s leading intellectuals and sociologists, Edgar Morin and Mauro Ceruti, describes Europe as trapped between metamorphosis and disintegration, arguing that as such, the old continent cannot go on.Unfortunately, the level of the European Union debate in Turkey is far behind the debate that is being conducted by European intellectuals in terms of political and intellectual perspectives and quests.

For some, the EU is a perfect political project that has been taken to completion.If we donand#39t rush to become one of its members, Turkey will be pulled quickly into authoritarianism and move away from European values and norms with the conservative Justice and Development Party (AK Party) at its helm For others, the EU is a utopia, or an unattainable goal.

Even if we do everything we can do, they will not accept us as a member, so we should move on alone.It should be noted that the ever-increasing racism and Islamophobia in Europe has played a role in the emergence of the latter approach that implies nationalist self-isolation.

Public polls indicate that the support for the EU is on the decline in Turkey and that Turkish people do not want the EU to expand or include Turkey.This signifies a new situation as regards Turkish-EU relations.

Turkish peopleand#39s resistance to the EUand#39s enlargement, in addition to their reluctance to become one of its members, signifies a considerable change in how the EU is perceived in Turkey. The governmentand#39s frequently criticized policies can hardly account for this change.

Contemporary Europe is currently wrestling with internal problems and these problems have come to the surface in a manner that is hard to conceal.But how is Europe perceived from inside? How is the EU, as humanityand#39s largest-ever project, perceived and assessed by European intellectuals? Here are the points underlined by Morin and Ceruti:The EU has to deal with increased nationalism and xenophobia If a crisis that is similar to the current one emerges in future, this may create a political alliance between opponents of globalization and supporters of European nationalisms.

This would be the beginning of disaster for Europe.Islam, the Gypsies in Eastern Europe, and Jews, to a certain extent, are emerging as the new scapegoats of Europe.

In the eyes of these two intellectuals, what Europe should do can be summed up as follows: What the European Union should do is to put an end to a political integration that has long remained ambiguous. Europe should renovate itself in a unique form of a federation of national states.

Although Turkey has long been seeking to become a member of the EU, this political project stands completely on different grounds and this scares European intellectuals the most.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman