Only five percent of Turks go to polls abroad to elect next president

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Out of 2,7 million Turkish people living abroad, only around 185,000 went to the polls to elect Turkey’s next president, which was the first time that expatriate Turks voted in Turkish elections from their countries of residence.

Speaking to the reporters on Sunday evening, Deputy Prime Minister Emrullah IIler stated that the number of the voters is highly unexpected since he thought the number could exceed one million. “There are more than 2,7 million eligible voters abroad. In previous elections the turnout did not exceed five percent. This will increase. We expected a much more turnout,” said IIler.

IIler also gave the online appointment requirement as a reason behind the reluctance of expats to go and cast their vote.

This historic election, the first time when a president will be elected by popular vote, will be held on Aug. 10. Voting for citizens living abroad started on July 31 and lasted four days. If none of the candidates garners more than 50 percent of vote in the first round, a second round of voting will be held on August24.