One of main participants of Azerbaijan’s tobacco market explains causes of price change in cigarettes

Baku: Imperial Tobacco company has explained the price change in tobacco products.

The company told APA-Economics that Imperial Tobacco determines its activity in accordance with the laws and tax rules of the country which it is represented: “According to amendments made to the Tax Code of Azerbaijan, the excise of tobacco products has been increased since March 1.

This amendment also influenced retail sale price of the tobacco products of Imperial Tobacco company. Imperial Tobacco assesses this amendment as a exceptional right of Azerbaijani government on regulation of price policy”.

The company also added that the latest amendments will have only positive impact on the country’s economy.

The UK Imperial Tobacco has been in operation in Azerbaijan’s tobacco market since 1998. The company, which is represented in over 160 countries of the world, has 38,000 employees.

The company has cigarette brands such as Davidoff, West, PandS, Imperial Classic, Prima in Azerbaijan.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency