One killed in crossfire between leftist and Kurdish groups in Istanbul

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- A young man died after being shot during an armed clash between the two groups on late Thursday in Istanbul’s Gazi neighborhood district.

The fight erupted when a group of leftist People’s Front attacked an election booth of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP)’s presidential candidate Selahattin DemirtaI. Turning into an armed clash in a short time, the fight involved high numbers of leftist and Kurdish people. During the clash, a 16-year old young man named Ibrahim ksuz who was not involved in the fight was shot while passing near the fight scene.

The man who was rushed to the hospital died despite the efforts of the medical team. Speaking to Cihan news agency, father of ksuz, Arif ksuz said his son who worked as a worker was returning to home from work when he was shot. He added that they want government determine killer of his son and take a step to end such heated fights in their neighborhood.


Friday August 1, 2014 SOURCE: CIHAN
Photos of ksuz
Family of ksuz
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