’Once a month’ meeting formula

‘Once a month’ meeting formulaPrime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan previously outlined the method of governance he plans to implement if he wins the presidential election. The general tone of his speech led to predictions and speculation.

Some thought the idea of ErdoIan constantly summoning the Cabinet and acting as head of government [while he is president] sounded favorable. However, for others, the president acting as the head of the executive branch would be an excessive use of power and violate the Constitution.

ErdoIan’s latest statement on the issue offers a more solid formula Stating that he will not serve according to custom but as per the Constitution, ErdoIan said he plans to periodically summon Cabinet ministers if elected president. The president heading full sessions of the Cabinet every week does not actually violate the Constitution, but it certainly goes against custom (OKAY GNENSIN, VATAN.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman