Omnibus laws

Omnibus lawsMaybe we would never have come up with the notion of an “omnibus law” if it weren’t for the financial crisis in early 2001. A discussion between then-president [Ahmet Necdet Sezer] and then- prime minister [Bulent Ecevit] led to the eruption of the crisis.

Kemal DerviI [an economist], was hastily positioned as minister of economic affairs by Ecevit. For the implementation of an economic recovery program drafted by DerviI, some laws had to be amended quickly and other extra laws had to be adopted instantly.

The omnibus law, which paved the way for ignoring the methods and traditions of lawmaking, is the invention of those days. In the “DerviI’s laws” era, three of 140 laws that were adopted were omnibus laws.

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) resorts to the omnibus law method to resolve many issues, and the one currently being discussed in Parliament is the 40th omnibus bill introduced by the AK Party since it came to power(TARHAN ERDEM, RADIKAL.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman