Ombudsperson’s Office: Parliamentary election held in democratic, independent, transparent, fair conditions

Baku: “The parliamentary election held on 1 Nov.2015, which is of special importance to our people and our independent Azerbaijani state that has undergone democratic legal state building, has come to an end,” the Ombudsperson’s Office said in a statement of the parliamentary election, APA reported.

The statement says the ombudsman has not received any complaint or appeal.

“The observation results indicate that the parliamentary election took place in democratic, independent, transparent, and fair conditions, and in the manner defined by the law and regulations. Citizens’ right to vote was observed. Necessary conditions were created for the disabled and visually impaired to vote. There were seen no offences and no interference in the polling process by any state officials, executive representatives or police. Every voter voted for the candidate of their choice,” says the statement.


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