OKAN UDO – Sabri bids sorrowful goodbye to Galatasaray after cold shoulder

Sabri bids sorrowful goodbye to Galatasaray after cold shoulder“The only thing certain in life is uncertainty.” And this could not be more true for Galatasaray co-captain Sabri SarIoIlu, who probably until Friday was thinking about his next season at the Istanbul club, before he was politely declared persona non grata by new Italian coach Cesare Prandelli.

That indeed was a low blow, and Sabri would not take it lying down. “This was a decision taken by the three-day-old Prandelli,” Sabri, who has played his entire professional career with Galatasaray, reportedly told his former teammates.

“Moreover, I performed very well last season. Galatasaray is not my deeded property.

Nonetheless, I was the captain of this team for many years, and leaving so unceremoniously makes me really sad,” he noted.“It is really unfair, but the message has been received.

If they so wish they can annul my contract. And at this point in time I won’t stay even if they ask me to,” he further said.

‘Les indésirables’Sabri, along with nine other players, was informed that he has been omitted from the 26-man squad that will go to Austria for the summer training camp.Cote d’Ivoire winger Emmanuel Eboue and Cameroon defender Dany Nounkeu were told to look for pastures new, while Argentine teen striker Lucas Ontivero will be loaned to a smaller club in order to gain valuable Turkish experience.

However, veteran defender Gkhan Zan, trouble-prone midfielder Engin Baytar, midfielder YiIit GkoIlan, striker Sercan YIldIrIm and newcomers EndoIan Adili and Kaan Baysal were told to pack their bags and leave as free agents. There are reports that German-born midfielder Ceyhun Gulselam is also on the list of undesirables.

Galatasaray fans, rightfully so, are searching for reasons behind Sabri’s expulsion. Prandelli is said to have conferred with his predecessor, compatriot Roberto Mancini, and Galatasaray officials before deciding to part ways with Sabri.

Sabri, a right-winger who can also play as a wingback, had fallen out of favor with Mancini, and the two had shared heated altercations several times last season. Mancini, reports said, therefore did not hesitate to recommend that Prandelli axe the 29-year-old midfielder According to another report, the Galatasaray governors had told Prandelli, “Enough is enough, do not work with Sabri again.

“It is really a sad ending for Galatasaray man Sabri, who rose from the ranks of the youth team in 1999 and was first called to the senior team in 2001-02 by Romanian then-coach Mircea Lucescu at the age of 17. He had been with the Istanbul team ever since, until Friday when the Florya door was shut against himSabri marked his 100th league appearance for Galatasaray on Dec.

10, 2006 against Bursaspor and featured in a total of 277 matches for the team since 2003, scoring 13 goals. He was also a regular member of the Turkey national team between 2006 and 2011, scoring one goal.

Sabri has done great things for Galatasaray, but he also has a bad temper And he will always be remembered for all the wrong reasons over the fight with Fenerbahe goalkeeper Volkan Demirel during the “mother of all derbies” at Iukru SaracoIlu Stadium in KadIky on March 12 of last year, when he violently grabbed the keeper on the back of the neck.All in all, Sabri needed to be treated with some respect by the Galatasaray rulers.

The fact of the matter, though, is that professional football is a very thankless profession. But this player has all the reasons in the world to take heart because, as they say, “the downfall of a man is not the end of his life.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman