Officials announce project to clean up Cappadocia valleys

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Local officials in Cappadocia, one of Turkey’s most important tourist destinations, have launched a campaign to clean up the area, which has fallen victim to heavy littering.

Visitors to the area often see discarded items such as wrapping paper and other domestic waste. The NevIehir Environment and Urban Planning Directorate and the Forestry and Water Affairs Directorate have announced a new project to clean up the valleys and organize workshops at local schools and universities on keeping the valleys clean.

As part of the plan, local tourism agencies and facilities will have to attend presentations every six months on keeping Cappadocia clean. The two directorates will also work in cooperation with the local education directorate. There will be frequent field trips to the valleys from area schools.

The cleanup campaign will start on April 17, and local municipalities, public agencies and various civil society organizations will take part in it.

appadocia, one of the most famous historical sites in Turkey, attracts over 1 million domestic and foreign tourists annually. The region, which includes the Zemi Valley, is known for its fairy chimneys, cave houses and churches. The Göreme Open-Air Museum of Cappadocia is also contained within this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

(CihanToday’s Zaman)