Number of illegal visits made to occupied Azerbaijani territories dramatically reduced – MFA spokesman

Baku: Hikmat Hajiyev: “The names of more than 10 persons have so far been removed from the blacklist”

“Making visits to occupied Azerbaijani territories without the country’s permission is violation of the law on state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev, APA reports.

Hajiyev said those who make illegal visits to occupied territories are included in the list of “undesirable persons”.

“This is a worldwide practice. Those who violate the rules of border crossing and other laws of any country are banned from entering this country. Most countries through their foreign ministries give warning in connection with such illegal visits,” he underlined.

H. Hajiyev outlined that persons who want to make a visit to occupied territories should take into account their safety, too. Because a state of war is prevailing in those territories and human trafficking, arms smuggling, production and transit of narcotics, training of terrorists, etc. are taking place there. He also said Armenia is seeking to present a different view with statistic methods.

“Analyzes reveal that the majority of visitors to occupied territories are Armenian citizens who are parents of soldiers, because of the miserable situation within the Armenian army, parents regularly carry food and medicine for their children serving in occupied Azerbaijani territories. And the Armenian regime registers those parents for “statistical data” at illegal border checkpoints created in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories. Another group of visitors are Armenian diaspora members and people loyal to them. The Armenian diaspora and government allows them to make multiple visits again to present these visit as new ones. Some other people are deceived by Armenia and taken to occupied Azerbaijani territories on various purposes,” Hajiyev added.

The ministry spokesman said that due to the sharp decline in the number of visits to the occupied territories after the measures taken by the Azerbaijani side as well as introduction of the blacklist, Armenia cancelled the “visa” registration on passports of strangers visiting these territories.

Hajiyev mentioned that the names of more than 10 persons have so far been removed from the blacklist.

“The persons who want their names to be removed from the list may apply to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry and diplomatic missions. The appeal should express respect for territorial integrity, sovereignty and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan and regret because of the illegal visit. This appeal will be reviewed accordingly,” he completed.