Number of Azerbaijani migrant workers in Russia reduces

By: Aynur Jafarova

The number of migrant workers from Azerbaijan to Russia has reduced recently. This is mainly due to the changes to the migration legislation of Russia.

Earlier a migrant worker could stay in Russia for three months, after completion of this period he/she had to leave the country and then to come back. Thus, the law allowed the migrants to enter Russian territory four times a year. But now, according to the new rules, a migrant worker should leave Russia for three months after completion of a three-month period of staying in the country, and thus, he/she can come to Russia only twice a year.

Another reason behind the reduction of the number of labor migrant in Russia is a compulsory exam on the Russian language and the country’s history. If a migrant worker wants to work in the territory of Russia, he/she should pass an exam on the Russian language and history and get the relevant documents on assessment and evidence of knowledge of Russian language and history.

“These rules certainly reduce the number of labor migrants working in Russia. The results of the first half of 2014 in Russia have not been summed up yet, but given the latest developments and vast information, one can say that the number of labor migrants in Russia has reduced, which disturbs the Russian government. Therefore, the government has been discussing the issue to cancel the labor quotas in Russia,” expert on migration issues Azer Allahveranov told local press.

Also, in December 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin said foreign passports should be mandatory for all nationals, including those from CIS member states, to enter Russia as of 2015.

“No later than in 2015 the entry to Russia should be permitted only by foreign passports, not domestic ones,” he said. “At the same time, the current rules – maximally simplified rules for crossing the border and staying in the country – will remain effective within the framework of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space,” he said.

Due to the recent changes in Russia’s migration legislation the number of facts about refusals to Azerbaijani citizens to enter to the Russian territory increases. The Azerbaijani citizens are also deported to their homeland. Even the Azerbaijani students of Russian universities face this problem.

The Azerbaijani embassy in Moscow has said that the number of complaints and appeals of the Azerbaijani citizens to the embassy on lack of timely information about persons, whose entry to Russia are prohibited, have been increasing day by day.

Also, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu has held a meeting with Head of the Federal Migration Service of Russia Konstantin Romodanovski, during which the Azerbaijani diplomat touched upon the migration problems of the Azerbaijani citizens in the Russian territory.

Bulbuloglu expressed readiness of the representatives of Azerbaijan’s Migration Service to meet with their Russian counterparts and discuss creating a relevant mechanism for sharing the information in the near future.

Meanwhile, the economic development observed in Azerbaijan, as well as improved welfare of the population is one of main factors that affect the reduction of influx of Azerbaijani labor migrants to Russia.

Deputy Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia Gudsi Osmanov told local press that there is a process of reduction of influx of Azerbaijani citizens to Russia for earnings.

“Recently the reduction of influx of representatives of Azerbaijan’s small and medium business to Russia is observed on the background of development of Azerbaijan’s economy, as well as improving the welfare of the population; even some Azerbaijanis return home, because now earning the same income is possible in the homeland,” he said.