Nowruz celebrated with great joy in Texas


TEXAS: A festival to celebrate Nowruz was held by the Raindrop Foundation Austin, capital city of Texas , on Tuesday.

The celebration was held in front of historical clock tower of Texas University with a large participation. People showed great interest to traditional Turkish meals such as kebab, homemade borek, cig kofte, baklava, ayran and tea. Both Turkish and American people watched a traditional ebru art by artist Seher Dogan with admiration.

Moreover, performances by a Turkish rock group and a show Kazakh artists received great applause.

Speaking to Cihan news agency, Americans expressed their appreciation with the festival. One of the visitors, David Huenlich who attended the event with his wife and son said Turkish people hold amazing organization in Texas, which is very praiseworthy.

Established in the year 2000 by the Turkish entrepreneurs, Raindrop has been operating in field of education, charity, social and cultural activities in several US states — Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee and Louisiana.