Nowruz celebrated in Turkmenistan with great joy

ASHGABAT: Nowruz, which represents the coming of the spring, is being celebrated across Turkmenistan with great enthusiasm. Like the other Central Asian and the Middle Eastern countries Nowruz also is celebrated in Turkmenistan mainly her capital of Ashgabat which is the colorful celebration center this year as same as the other years.

This year Ahal Plateau, located 20 km far away from central Ashgabat was became a playground of the colorful celebration in which, along with Turkmen people, many Turkmen ministers and foreign mission chiefs were among the attendees.

Setting traditional Turkmen tents, many folk dances, which was performed by the professional dancers drew great attention among the followers. Show performed by famous Turkmen horses also charmed the spectators. Semene, a desert generally is prepared by pullulated wheat and other Turkmen delicate are eaten in the celebrations.

Meanwhile congratulating the Nowruz of Turkmen people Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov published a Nowruz message in which Berdimuhamedov said that Nowruz is a rich cultural legacy and wonderful celebration contain many consuetudes in it. In his message Turkmen president also noted that it has been designated an international identity to this celebration which make familiar many peoples.

‘Nowroz Celebration was also included UNESCO’s world heritage list. And Nowruz was declared as holiday by United Nations.