Novruz Mammadov says some US diplomats lost sense of proportion

Regrettably, some US officials and diplomats have completely lost the sense of proportion, Deputy Head of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, Chief of the administration’s Foreign Relations Department, Novruz Mammadov tweeted.

Mammadov said that one of these officials is Daniel Baer, but his country is a real homeland of violence, corruption and arrests.

He was commenting on US representative to the OSCE, Daniel Baer’s statement in Twitter. Baer made critical statements against Azerbaijan in connection with sealing up of Baku’s office of Radio Liberty.

“Apparently, Baer is not aware of the events in his own country,” Mammadov wrote on December 29. “He should have paid attention to the hearings in the Intelligence Committee of the US Senate. Then he would have realized that the first country that comes to mind after reading his Twitter statement is the US.”

Mammadov said that by his subjective opinion, Baer is trying to harm the relations between Azerbaijan and the US.