Novruz Mammadov: Armenia does not hold Nagorno Karabakh by virtue of its own power

Baku: “Look, what events are the Muslim counties facing? Therefore, 2015 cannot be considered as missed year for the Nagorno Karabakh conflict”, Novruz Mammadov, deputy head of Azerbaijani presidential administration, chief of the administration’s foreign relations department said.

According to him, Armenia and the walls behind it are collapsing: “Armenia does not hold Nagorno Karabakh by virtue of its own power. Otherwise, this problem may be solved in three months”.

Mammadov noted that Azerbaijan’s location is the most sensitive region after Balkans: “One of the most sensitive regions in the future will be the Middle Asia. Azerbaijan’s interests can be protected by a political figure having unusual skills and power. Heydar Aliyev could do that and Ilham Aliyev continues this policy. I have heard that heads of many states are jealous of Azerbaijan. Even, Swiss representatives said Azerbaijan will be ahead of Switzerland. Karabagh is and will be our”.