Novruz holiday celebrated at University of Aberdeen

Novruz holiday has been celebrated at the University of Aberdeen.

Each year on March 20-21 Azerbaijani nation welcomes the beginning of spring and the awakening of nature by celebrating Novruz holiday. For centuries, the holiday of Novruz symbolizes our moral values, customs and traditions. It embodies strengthening of community, kindness and attention to each other.

Novruz is a holiday of complete enthusiasm and eagerness towards work, as well as love towards people and land. Therefore, our people welcome this holiday with great sympathy and love. It should also be noted that even though some of our citizens can’t celebrate this holiday back at home with their loved ones, they still respect our traditions and the beginning of spring abroad.

“As we are studying abroad, we decided to celebrate the holiday of Novruz at our university,” Kenan Aliyev, student of the University of Aberdeen, said. “As a result, the Azerbaijani society at the University of Aberdeen celebrated this holiday together with foreign and Azerbaijani students. More than 150 students and teachers have joined the event.”

The opening ceremony was held by the head of the Azerbaijani society. During the event, guests were informed about the Novruz holiday, as well as the history, culture and modern development of Azerbaijan. Additionally, guests cherished the traditional Azerbaijani music and dances organized by the members of society.

The guests also enjoyed the rich assortment of Azerbaijani dishes, as well as traditionally decorated Novruz trays. All participants highly appreciated our traditions and expressed their gratitude to every student involved in the organization of the event.