Nodular dermatitis posing no threat against Azerbaijan

By: Amina Nazarli

The viral disease nodular dermatitis poses no threat against Azerbaijan, Head of Dangerous Infectious Diseases Department of the State Veterinary Service under the Agriculture Ministry Kliment Asadov said.

The disease is manifested by fever and inflammation of the skin with characteristic nodules. It includes the clinical presentations of multiple nodules, draining tracts, or severe crusted or exudative lesions. The disease is found only among bovine animals transmitted by blood-sucking insects.

The virus was spread mainly in areas located on the banks of the Kura River. The carriers and spreaders of the virus are mosquitoes and other biting insects, which increase mainly in a prolonged heat.

He noted that because of the adverse weather conditions, almost all the gnats have been disappeared. That is why there has been no case of the disease among animals.

Assadov stated that work to purchase and supply vaccines in fight against the virus is underway. “Probably, the work is expected to be accomplished by next year,” he said.

Recently, nodular dermatitis disease was observed in Bilasuvar, Ujar, Jalilabad and Aghdash regions of Azerbaijan, which killed many cattle in these regions. Some cattle markets were closed in these regions as a result of the viral disease.

The viral was revealed in Turkey and Iran and given joint borders between Azerbaijan and Iran, Azerbaijanis were deeply worried about the spread of the disease.

Natural recovery from the disease is possible in 90 percent of cases. In African countries, the infected animals are not treated, but killed. Fearing the spread of the virus, their bodies are simply burned.