No religious flags in Islam: State Committee

Baku: There are no religious flags in Islam, Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations Mubariz Gurbanli said at the parliament during the discussion of the draft law on making amendments to the law “On freedom of religious belief” of Azerbaijan .

Gurbanli said that the notion of religious flag in the draft law should be replaced. “The draft law must note any other flags, except for the Azerbaijani flag, are allowed to be raised in mosques so that the issue of religious flags would be solved,” he said.

The chairman of the state committee thinks it is reasonable to exclude the issue of religious attributes from the draft law.

“Instead of the religious attributes, the law should prohibit demonstration of religious mottos and symbols outside places of worship,” he outlined.

Gurbanli added that the latest prohibition will not apply to individuals who have received religious education in Azerbaijan after receiving religious education abroad, because the law is not applied retroactively.