Nightmare is over

What would have happened after the June 7 election if the Justice and Development Party (AKP) had won a sufficiently large number of parliamentary seats to enable it to form a single-party government? I believe we need to properly answer this question to better understand the significance of the election results and why the voters stopped the AKP and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
What would have happened if the AKP had won 400 deputies? It was not a realistic goal from the start, but it was Erdoganand’s dream. What would have happened if the AKP had won 276 deputies, the necessary majority to form a single-party government?
President Erdogan, not Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu, would have made the first statement on the election. He would have argued that the election success should be attributed to him because he was involved in the campaign and would have attempted to take the whole credit.
The presidential guardianship over the AKP would have been stronger and those who were uncomfortable with Erdoganand’s interference would have been silent. Erdogan would have formed the government based on his priorities and forced that government to proceed with the launch of a presidential system. He would have made moves that would have jeopardized the democratic future of the country. For instance, he would have taken action to shut down opposition media groups.
He would have continued to threaten his critical opponents and make accusations against the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP), which would have remained below the election threshold. He would have kept insulting the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). By referring to the election results in this scenario, he would have argued that the people want to see him as president and that his critics are traitors manipulated by external circles.
The pro-government media would have been vocal, the pro-government columnists would have made threats, the police — equipped with extraordinary powers — would have responded violently to protests. Prosecutors, acting under instructions from the AKP, would have violated the law. We would have witnessed the arrest of many people over the and”parallel stateand” and espionage charges. Of course, the Cumhuriyet daily and its Editor-in-Chief Can Dandundar would have been on the top of that list. One of the first things Erdogan would have done would have been to call the chief of General Staff to discuss war plans with Syria. We would have continued to live with concerns, fears and worries. Erdoganand’s arbitrary rule would have remained in effect.
I am not exaggerating all these things (and more) would have taken place. To understand the public response to the AKP and Erdogan made on June 7, we need to remember all of this. The election results suggest that a coalition government is inevitable. Options on how this government will be formed will be clarified. None of these options is worse than this nightmare scenario.
The public used the democratic platform of the election to send the message that the political parties should work together to resolve the countryand’s fundamental problems. The ongoing problems and hardships can only be overcome by such an approach.
The only thing we need to remember is how and why the possibility of this nightmare scenario was averted.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman