NGOs hold ‘Kurdistan’ demonstration in front of KRG Parliament

ERBIL (CIHAN)- Members of several Kurdish nongovernmental organizations held a demonstration to encourage the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leaders to declare the independency.

Gathering in front of the KRG parliament, a crowded group of NGO members shouted slogans and unfurled banners supporting declaration of independent Kurdistan.

The head of Kurdish Parliament Yusuf Muhammed and some deputies met with representatives of the NGO’s and received their demands promising to discuss them at the Parliament session.

The group kept shouting slogans saying “State, State”, “We want state to avoid another Kurdish massacre” and “Kurdish state is our god-given right”.

— Barzanin comes to the Parliament building

On the other hand KRG President Massoud Barzani came to the parliament building to make his expected speech about declaration of independent Kurdish state which is being considered as historical speech. KRG President was welcomed with an official ceremony at the door of the Parliament.

Reportedly at the closed session with attendance of Barzani, the main agenda will be holding referendum in disputed regions of northern Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Head of KRG’s Department of Foreign Relations Falah Mustafa, who is visiting USA, stated to PBS TV channel that KRG will hold referendum even if US government will not give an approval.