New show at SALT delves into private collecting

Aiming to open up discussions about private collecting and its significance in a country like Turkey, where there is no state or municipal institution that systematically acquires and exhibits new artwork, Istanbuland’s SALT Beyoilu has opened a new show featuring works from the collections of Bilge and Haro Candumbanduiyan, Ayie and Saruhan Dogan, and Tanduten and Agah Uiur.
The show, titled and”Every Inclusion is an Exclusion of Other Possibilities,and” is important in the sense that all of these collectors have their own curiosities and perspectives on collecting artwork and they differ from many other private collections in Turkey.
During a press conference for the exhibition on Tuesday, Vasif Kortun, director of research and programs at SALT, explained that the memory of contemporary art in Turkey is limited to the time in which itand’s produced, after which it becomes impossible to see or research on. and”We do not know what is going on at the private collections either and the burden of this situation is basically on the shoulders of small-scale initiatives,and” he said, adding that due to the nature of these institutions they are fragile and such a task cannot be done properly without necessary funding and support anyways.
As the exhibitionand’s press release describes: and”To imagine private collecting as a highly idiosyncratic activity, untethered from the accepted norm of what peers acquire, may be quite optimistic today. In the absence of gold standards and erudite research-driven art history, shared conventions are steered by the opinions considered in vogue. That is not to say that this exhibition acts as an endorsement of these collections or even of every selection in the show, but it does affirm that each collection is driven by forms of commitment, curiosity and characteristic that are rare. By extension, the project does not claim to support any exclusivity to these collections, but rather underscores that they sit among only a few in the country that are unique in terms of specificity.and”
and”When a piece of artwork is included in a private collection, the question of how to display it — which is a negotiation between the artist, curator and the gallerist — fades away together with issues such as how to preserve it and transmit it to the future,and” explained Kortun. and”This exhibition was a good experience both for us and for the collectors on how and in what kind of a setting the works should be exhibited,and” he continued.
The press release further notes: and”The collectors have shared and discussed their approaches to collecting, in particular with regard to video art, among themselves for a number of years. While each collection shows a singular characteristic, when taken together, to a certain extent, they shed light on the changes in contemporary art in Turkey over the last decade. At the same time, following the rapid growth and engagement of contemporary art with international platforms since the early 2000s, these collections expand beyond local boundaries and connect with artists coming from a multitude of geographical contexts.and”
One of the important aspects of the exhibition is that it mostly features works of new media which are rather hard to display and this was one of the challenges they had to go through, explained one of the curators of the show, November Paynter. Secondly, most of the pieces are chosen among the ones which were not widely shown in Turkey before. They include works from names such as Meriandc Algandun Ringborg, Can Altay, Francis Alandyumls, Ivandaacuten Argote, Kutlui Ataman, Ed Atkins, GandOkandcen Cabadan, CANAN, Banu Cennetoilu, Asli andcavuioilu, Elmas Deniz, Haris Epaminonda, Cevdet Erek, Didem Erk, Ayie Erkmen, Leyla Gediz, Emre Handuner, Oliver Laric, Jennifer Marman Daniel Borins, Jonathan Monk, Ahmet andOiandut, iener andOzmen, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Zeyno Pekandunlandu, Erinandc Seymen, Fiona Tan, Zhou Tao, Hale Tenger, GandOzde Tandurkkan and Jordan Wolfson.
and”Every Inclusion is an Exclusion of Other Possibilitiesand” will run through Aug. 2 at SALT Beyoilu on istiklal Street.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman