‘New law to leave MIT uncontrolled’

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Former prosecutor Nurullah AydIn has said the MIT draft law will leave the intelligence agency totally uncontrolled.

According to AydIn, who spoke with Today’s Zaman, Turkey will speedily move toward becoming a “Mukhabarat [intelligence] state” if the MIT draft is adopted in Parliament.

AydIn said spying will be a popular profession in Turkey if the MIT draft law is adopted.

“There are several intelligence agencies and a broad network of spying that work under the roof of a big intelligence organization in a Mukhabarat state. This network of spying is an area of employment for a huge number of spies. With the MIT law, spying will be a popular profession as many people will be employed as agents, spies, intelligence officials and whistleblowers,” he noted.

According to AydIn, while both the military and judiciary are controlled and monitored in the country, MIT will be left uncontrolled due to broad powers to be vested in the intelligence agency with the draft law. “Individuals, state agencies and nongovernmental organizations will be placed under the control of MIT. This will bring with it a change in the regime. Turkey will evolve into an intelligence regime in which MIT will become an untouchable, unaccountable and uncontrolled organization.”

Deputy Prime Minister BeIir Atalay told reporters on Tuesday that a commission will be established in Parliament to control the activities of MIT. “We will add an article to the MIT draft. A commission will be established in Parliament to monitor the activities of MIT,” he stated.

(CihanToday’s Zaman)