New fees emerge from Istanbul’s main bus station

The Grand Istanbul Bus Terminal has began to charge an TL 8 entry fee, according to comments made by Grand Istanbul Bus Terminal Tradesmen Association President Sahap Onal to the Cihan News Agency on Monday.

Vehicles had previously been able to enter the massive terminal, which is Istanbul’s largest bus station, free of charge for up to 25 minutes, according to Onal. However, for the past 15 days, the terminal has been collecting a feel of TL 8 for entries lasting between 0 and 25 minutes, which is illegal, he added.

Onal says he has been fighting against the implementation of such a fee for years, but that it has been instituted despite official reports from the Istanbul Governor’s Office and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) that indicate it is against the law to charge for entries that last between 0 and 25 minutes.

“The terminal, like the airport [Istanbul Ataturk Airport], should not charge for the first 30 minutes. Despite rulings by the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), [the terminal] is still demanding fees,” said Onal, who claimed that the new surcharge collects TL 100,000 daily from ordinary citizens.

The colossal bus terminal, located in the BayrampaSa district on the European side of Istanbul, employs thousands of people and witnesses thousands of buses en route to and from domestic and international locations on a daily basis.