New airport to appear on Iran-Azerbaijan border

Iran will construct a new airport on the border with Azerbaijan, on the territory of Aras free economic zone (FEZ), Managing Director of ‘Aras’ FEZ Mohsen Khadem Arab-Baghi said.

He said it is planned to construct the new airport in two years, adding that it will cover an area of 300 hectares, Mehr News agency reported.

“The license has already been received for the construction of the airport which is important for the development of the FEZ infrastructure,” Arab-Baghi said.

“Funds for its construction have already been allocated,” he said. “The airport will be able to receive large passenger and cargo aircraft.”

‘Aras’ FEZ that was created in Iran nine years ago, covers an area of 53,000 hectares. Its territory stretches from the city of Julfa to the villages of Khudaferin, Jananlu and Gulubeyli. ‘Aras’ FEZ covers an area of 21,000 hectares in the city of Julfa.