Nearly 1,000 attorneys seek to be co-plaintiffs as zgecan Aslan murder trial set to begin

Close to 1,000 lawyers have sought to be co-plaintiffs in a trial into the brutal murder of the 20-year-old andOzgecan Aslan in February, a killing which has become a rallying cause against violence against women in Turkey.
The first hearing in the trial is due to be held on Friday in the southern province of Mersin, where Aslan was murdered after taking a minibus to get home. The main suspect in the murder, the driver of the minibus — Ahmet Suphi AltindandOken — is accused of killing and then burning Aslanand’s body after she resisted being raped. Two other suspects, AltindandOkenand’s father and a friend, are accused of complicity.
Lawyers from Mersin and from other provinces across Turkey have applied to the Mersin Bar Association to join the trial. The bar association will select a limited number of lawyers from among the applicants, due to the fact that the court room is of a size that can hold a maximum of 100 people.
Prosecutors seek a life sentence for all three suspects. The Tarsus First High Criminal Court accepted the indictment on April 15. Two of the three judges who will oversee the trial are women.
Police will take extensive security measures at the courthouse during the hearing. Tarsus Republican Prosecutorand’s Office has also decided to close the courthouse for other trials on Friday as a security measure. Aslanand’s murder case will be only trial held at the courthouse on the day.
Aslan, a university student, went missing after she took a minibus to get home on Feb. 11. Her body was later found partly burned. AltindandOken (26), his father Necmettin AltindandOken and his friend Fatih GandOkandce were detained in connection with the murder on Feb. 13 after gendarmerie forces spotted blood and a fragment of Aslanand’s clothes in the minibus during a search.
AltindandOken is charged with and”murder and torture with monstrous sentiments,and” and”murder for the purpose of concealing a crime or not to get caught,and” and”attempt at aggravated sexual assaultand” and and”deprivation of liberty with a sexual motivation.and”
The elder AltindandOken and GandOkandce are charged with and”murder and torture with monstrous sentimentsand” and and”murder for the purpose of concealing a crime.and” The prosecutor says AltindandOkenand’s father and GandOkandce helped and encouraged AltindandOken to kill Aslan after he had assaulted her.
AltindandOken has said previously that he had attacked Aslan after she resisted rape and that he called his father and friend following the incident for help. Aslan was unconscious but still alive after she was kicked and stabbed by AltindandOken and the three are believed to have acted together in her killing and the burning of her body.
All three suspects are expected to be brought to the courthouse for the hearing.
Aslanand’s murder sparked a wave of protests across Turkey for women rights and measures to curtail violence against women.