NBA player Kanter: No. 0 means a lot to me

Successful NBA player for the Oklahoma City Thunders Enes Kanter has paid a visit to Samanyolu High School from which he graduated and held a question-and-answer session with students.
Kanter, who was asked about his jersey number, explained that the number zero is significant to him. The player shared a piece of aice given to him by his mother, who had said, and”No matter how well you play or how important you become, always see yourself as zero.and” Kanter added, and”That is why zero is the number of humility to me.and”
Mentioning that he is happy with his new team, Kanter said he could not be given the number zero jersey this time since teammate Russell Westbrook already has the number. Commenting on why he had requested the number 34 — the province number of Istanbul for license plates — Kanter said, and”With the jersey that I wear in the NBA, I try to represent the Turkish nationality, our flag, our values, my religion and my school by doing my best in matches.and”
Noting that he had suffered a season-ending shoulder injury two years ago when the Turkish national basketball team was playing in the 2013 European Championship, Kanter said he canand’t wait to wear the national team jersey.
Kanter also said his current team, Oklahoma City, was very respectful of his values and religion. The player said he appreciated the administration of his team organizing a prayer room especially for him.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman