‘National vaccine’

The patriotic lies in a typical example of and”they talk while the AKP performsand” includes a domestically manufactured vaccine. You do not need to be a biologist, physician or pharmacist to know that medical inventions and substances do not have a national character. Some diseases may occur in different parts of the world more frequently due to eating habits, climatic conditions or living standards, but nobody believes that the treatments offered for them should be domestically manufactured. Well, that is no one except Justice and Development Party (AKP) figures, whose tone is of a fascist nature, reminding us of Nazi policies.
What else could a domestically manufactured vaccine offer other than a vaccine that is already in existence? It is like the national tank, plane, space ship, etc. — Turkey does not have the capacity to make these and”national itemsand” and cannot go beyond designing a blueprint.
Doing research on this so-called and”national vaccine,and” I stumbled across national research and development (RD) being undertaken by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TanduBiTAK). This national research institution apparently did not want to lag behind the political administration on an issue regarding and”nationalism.and” A fantastic analysis is provided at www.milliarge.com: and”We invite all white collar workers who have worked for foreign companies and firms so far to bring their experience for the production of national items and to extend their support for national RD activities. In a number of fields, we purchase products and solutions from abroad. Thus, we provide a source for the economies of other countries and firms by paying huge sums of money for services and products. The money we make by working hard moves to other countries. To keep this source at home and to contribute to our growing economy, we need to encourage firms to buy domestic products. And to do this, we need to produce high-quality products for reliability and economic efficiency.and”
The truth is pretty different. Take the report by the Independent Industrialists and Businessmenand’s Association (ManduSiAD) on industrial property in light of the goals set for 2023 where the RD potential of the country is analyzed. The figures are as follows: Around 50,000 out of 60,000 exporting firms in Turkey export their product without a registered trademark. The number of active patents is 7,400, whereas it is 32,000 in Greece. The number of patents claimed by domestic firms in 2010 was 171, most of which were received by Bosch, Vestel and Ford while only the remaining 30-40 patents came from domestic companies and citizens.
The report indirectly indicates that the ruling partyand’s goal of producing exports worth $500 billion lacks grounding. Here are two more comparisons: Our expenditure on imported goods and products is twofold the RD expenses, which are $5 billion. Secondly, this amount is equal to Googleand’s RD expenditure.
It is true that the AKP inherited an underdeveloped RD sector. The share of RD in the GDP increased from 0.48 percent in 2013 to 1 percent now. This is important. The number of patent applications is increasing but this is happening in low-technology sectors. This weakness is discerned in the low added value in exports. As of March 2015, the share of high-tech exports out of all exports was 3.7 percent. In the same period, it was 33.1 in China, 27.1 in South Korea and 11.3 in Poland.
Let us talk about the national character of RD. Even countries producing the most aanced technology do not seek to create national RD except secret aanced military technology. It is simple: Due to financial reasons, national RD is not feasible in Turkey. The only option is transnational cooperation in the face of serious challenges in the production. This pursuit began in the 1950s. The European Nuclear Research Center (CERN), which includes Ankara, is one of them. And now, the 8th Geneva Program, which has a budget of 80 billion euros for the period between 2014-2020, serves as the main source of the European Research Area of the EU.
Patriotism and technology appear together only on election fliers.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman