National gymnasts in top 10

By: Amina Nazarli

The 21st Flower Cup in trampoline ended in the city of Aalsmeer in Holland on March 21.

Azerbaijan were represented by talented gymnasts, namely, Oleg Puinov, Ilya Grishunin, Ruslan Agamirov and Dmitriy Fedorovskiy

National gymnasts on trampoline Oleg and Ilya competing in Class I Men (FIG A) were listed in the top 10 best gymnasts in the competition.

Grishunin came the sixth, while his teammate Puinov placed eighth.

As a total 42 sportsmen competed in this category.

Received the highest praise for the duration of the flight from the judges, Oleg also won the special prize of the competition.

The next 22nd Aalsmeer Flower Cup will be held in Aalsmeer on March 18, 2017.