National gymnasts continue to gladden fans

By: Amina Nazarli

The Lisbon International Tournament 2015 and the 2015 FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup were held in the Portuguese capital Lisbon on March 26-29.

A total of 50 individual gymnasts and fifteen groups representing a total of 30 countries were taking part at the Lisbon International Tournament.

The gymnasts competed in the following categories: Rhythmic Individual- (Junior 13-15 years) and Rhythmic Group- (Junior 13-15 years).

In the World Cup the gymnasts competed in Rhythmic Individual- (Senior 16-99 years) and Rhythmic Group- (Senior 16-99 years) categories.

These events were remembered bright thanks to the brilliant performances of Azerbaijani gymnast Marina Durunda, who brought home two bronze medals.

Marina has proven early form at last weekend’s Grand Prix in Thiais in France, where she was among the medalists, taking gold, silver and bronze medals.

Azerbaijani national team’s leader and athlete ambassador of the upcoming European Games, Marina ranked third in exercises with ball and ribbon.

She also showed good results in the exercises with hoop and clubs, finishing fourth with these two apparatus. Following the results of four exercises, she ranked fifth.

Junior gymnast Zhala Piriyeva brought home a bronze following a performance with a rope.

An exercise with five balls, performed by our junior group team became another memorable moment of the tournament.

Accompanied by the legendary pop king, Michael Jackson’s song, this exercise, already popular in the gymnastics world, literally made the audience rise. Performance of Azerbaijani gymnasts who finished fourth was accompanied by a storm of applauses.