National costumes put on display in Vyatka festival

By: Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijani national costumes have been put on display at Russian festival “Together Vyatka”.

Kirov city has been hosting the first festival of national cultures to celebrate the Day of Russia and the 640th anniversary of the city’s establishment.

During the festival, representatives of peoples living in the territory of Kirov region took part in a parade at the stadium “Russia”.

The celebration was also attended by representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora, representatives of government agencies and civil society organizations all in national costume with a flag of Azerbaijan in their hands.

Representative of Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Russia Mehman Shakirov thanked the organizers of the festival and the head of the region for such a significant event, aimed at strengthening friendship between peoples.

“By communicating with each other, we learn about each other, respect our traditions and learn to respect the traditions of other nations,” Shakirov said.

The official ceremony was followed by a concert program that included Azerbaijani national dances. Then the guests took part in the “Feast of pilaf.”

Azerbaijan national costume is the result of the long process of development of the nation’s material and intellectual culture reflecting its history and specific features.

Some twelve stages can be identified in the formation of Azerbaijani national costume. Each stage saw further development and improvement, corresponding to changing tastes and living conditions.