MuMTAZER – Who is ErdoIan fighting?

Who is ErdoIan fighting?In a fairly well-attended political rally in Maltepe, Istanbul, Recep Tayyip ErdoIan reminded his audience that he was from KasImpaII and that he will remain so. The reference to KasImpaIa indicates that he came from the outskirts of Istanbul, a poorer part of the city.

But it is not all about that. KasImpaIa is one of the oldest outskirts of Istanbul the tough young people of this district have defined andldquobeing a part of KasImpaIaandrdquo as a strict group identity.

When he says that he will always remain a KasImpaIalI, ErdoIan is declaring that he will preserve these coarse characteristics. In other words, he is drawing a portrait of a low-born Robin Hood.

It is only natural that a politician has some different identities in his bag to connect with the people. KasImpaIalI is not the only character in ErdoIanand#39s political profile.

ErdoIan relies on the identity of a victimized politician more. A patient and devout Muslim image also performs the same function.

Despite the fact that these three characters conflict with each other, ErdoIan still relies on them in his political campaigns and political rhetoric.And yet he makes a choice between them depending on what the conditions dictate.

ErdoIan is carrying out the presidential campaign by relying on the KasImpaIalI identity. While he abandoned this character some time ago, ErdoIan has been an aggressive presidential candidate in his campaign.

It is a weird situation. He is like a boxer in the ring who is trying to get points by throwing punches.

But this is shadow boxing, because there is no rival. Ekmeleddin IhsanoIlu has never relied on polemics against ErdoIan he has only tried to respond to his accusations and insults.

ErdoIan, on the other hand, has kept relying on this shadow boxing. He has always looked for a fight and an argument.

ErdoIanand#39s desire to elevate tensions and pursue a fight seems weird. A presidential candidate is expected to use moderate and peaceful language and deliver constructive messages in the presidential campaign.

ErdoIanand#39s campaign profile and emphasis on his KasImpaIalI identity is not a matter of political style. ErdoIan is trying to consolidate and reinforce his political ground via a strategy pursued in a dark tunnel.

ErdoIan seems very powerful but he is having hard times. He will not be able to cover up the corruption allegations if he becomes president.

If not, he will not have any control over the bureaucracy anyway. His destination is dark and bleak.

He is seeking to consolidate the political support he has by relying on a strategy of tension and polarization. After the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) elections in September, the judiciary will restart its investigations.

ErdoIan will not be able to prevent this. If elected president, he will pursue a policy of polarization and alienation.

ErdoIan maintains that the identities and tools he has in his toolbox will be sufficient to get the support of the majority of the people. This is a correct calculation, unless the economy faces a huge economic crisis.

The shortcut to getting the support of the majority of the people is to stand against the minority. This is why he has made references to the Alevi identity of Kemal KIlIdaroIlu and the fact that IhsanoIlu can speak three languages.

He believes he can attract the support of Sunnis if his rival is an Alevi and that of the lower classes if his opponent is an intellectual who can speak three languages.It is unlikely that ErdoIan will win the election in the first round.

The low turnout in Europe is a sign for Turkey as well. It is obvious that the turnout in this election will remain low.

For the first time, a low turnout will play against ErdoIan. ErdoIanand#39s polarizing discourse also seeks to ensure greater participation in the election.

ErdoIan is fighting himself, not his rivals. It is not possible for him to find a rival suitable for him in this unjust and unfair election.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman