MuMTAZER – What did ErdoIan finish off?

What did ErdoIan finish off?The style and wording selected by Recep Tayyip ErdoIan overlap with those that are expected from him in the run-up to every election. In every election, general or local, ErdoIan wields a nationalistic rhetoric, signifying a sharp U-turn in his previous policies about Kurds.

He resorts to the nation stateand#39s Turkey-specific andquotone-nation, one-state and one-flagandquot rhetoric. andquotWhat are you talking about, brother? What Kurdish problem?andquot he asked in an unsurprising manner as he addressed the public in BalIkesir, one of the cities where nationalistic sentiments are high, this weekend.

This manner with which these words are uttered imply that a brawl or quarrel will break out anytime soon. If any person raises an objection saying, andquotYes, there is a problem called the Kurdish issue,andquot this will be the start of a quarrel.

But there is more to the problem as there are two items of disparity in the general context of these remarks. First, ErdoIan, the one making these remarks, for the first time is not entering the elections as the head of the party.

Second, imprisoned Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK) leader Abdullah calan and the PKK leaders in the camps located in Kandil mountains in northern Iraq have carefully refrained from resorting to a language of violence for the first time in this election although they were known to do the reverse in previous elections. In short, ErdoIan has no addressee in both cases.

ErdoIan is conducting a self-styled election campaign regarding matters such as the Kurdish issue, the economy and the ongoing witch-hunt. It is an extremely problematic campaign.

The general manager of a prestigious polling company says ErdoIan is making the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) lose votes with his controversial remarks. A person who believes firmly in his own charisma and is building a presidential system specific — as he puts it — to Turks cannot accept this warning or restrain himself.

ErdoIan will continue to push his election campaign aggressively at the expense of making the AK Party suffer a loss of electoral support. This personal campaign of ErdoIan constitutes a surprising parameter for the elections slated for June 7 Just as the government is centered on the prime minister, the administration of a political party mainly relies on its chairman.

ErdoIan is trying to assume both titles although he is holding neither of themThe main problem, ie, the Kurdish issue, constitutes a greater dilemma for ErdoIan. andquotWhat are you talking about, brother? What Kurdish problem?andquot is a very disrespectful and rude form of address for Kurds.

The pro-Kurdish Peoplesand#39 Democratic Party (HDP) is currently concentrating on passing the election threshold in a peaceful election atmosphere and the the Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK) has therefore banned all sorts of violent acts. These rude remarks will certainly be used by the HDP in its election campaign.

Because the PKK will not engage in violence, the main opposition Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) are expected to engage in consuming polemics with ErdoIan. The most critical question for this election is whether the HDP will pass the election threshold.

This answer to this question will define the future of the AK Party.The parliamentary system has been in place in Turkey since the 1876 Constitution.

Even during the one-party regime of the republic, the president acted as a counterbalancing power rather than as the executive actor When ErdoIan left his party and the government, this effectively put an end to the 12-year ErdoIan period. As is seen in the dollar crisis, every time ErdoIan tries to administer the country and set policies, this creates problems.

Today, Turkey is going through an interregnum and after the election, a new period may begin and ErdoIanand#39s influence on the political sphere may be completely eliminated. Perhaps the second ErdoIan period will begin, though it is a very weak possibility.

This may be possible only if the presidential system is introduced or if ErdoIan returns to the party as its chairman.ErdoIan consumes and finishes off many things by trial and error But what he seeks to terminate, like the Kurdish issue, continues.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman