MuMTAZER – Law in 2015

Law in 2015Illegality is the weakest link in Turkeyand#39s chain. Law is not just about a number of rights a foreseeable and reliable social order as well as a common reason protecting the interests of the society can be sustained and preserved by a properly working legal system alone.

The laws passed by Parliament over the last year were used by the political administration to consolidate its power and to cover up corruption and bribery charges. The controversial andldquoreasonable doubtandrdquo bill can be cited as an example of how these tools of power were changed.

In March, a andldquostrong suspicion based on concrete evidenceandrdquo was inserted into the criminal code in place of reasonable doubt. The purpose here was to rule out evidence from investigations into government corruption.

The government attained its goal and ensured that the corruption investigations were sealed. When this goal was attained, the reasonable doubt clause was reinserted to initiate an operation against the journalists, which happened on Dec.

14. Recently, a voting session was held at Parliament to decide on whether or not to prosecute the former government ministers who charged with corruption.

When law is suspended altogether, no logic and reason remains. There is no sphere to resolve problems when the legal system is dissolved by the political administration.

Starting a process of prosecution means that they would admit corruption exists. The decision would be made by Justice and Development (AKP) deputies who constitute the majority in Parliament.

There remains no answer to the question as to why the judiciary sealed the corruption charges. On the other hand, the parliamentarians also believe that the former ministers committed acts of corruption.

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan because the Turkish president did not comply with European Union sanctions but by doing so, he actually ratted him out. When defying the EU, ErdoIan trusted in Putin and his Russian gas.

Relying on Putin allows you to create an autocratic regime like the one in Russia Autocracies do not like legal rules that restrict them However, Putin is no longer in a position to supply gas as well as illegality to ErdoIan.ErdoIan will chair the Cabinet starting from Jan.

5 Binali YIldIrIm, who was originally picked by ErdoIan as prime minister instead of current Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu, and who currently serves as an aiser, argues that there is a de facto presidential system Even raising this argument shows that the constitutional and legal order is no longer there. Mechanisms are needed to operate the de facto state of affairs.

For these mechanisms to be active, Parliament will need to make laws to change the legal orderParliament has recently passed a bill which authorized the Interior Ministry instead of the Cabinet as a whole to declare martial law this alone is sufficient to show the level and gravity of illegality that is occurring. The interior minister is the presidentand#39s extension within the government.

The corruption operations were stopped by the counter-operations he administered. Now he holds the sole power in an area where the Cabinet should.

However, this arrangement is against the Constitution. This move was done against DavutoIlu in ErdoIanand#39s name.

DavutoIlu is trying to take measures to address the fragility in the economy. The Medium Term Programme and other projects included sound measures however, the government is unable to implement these measures because of ErdoIan.

Restrictions are to be imposed against the construction sector, which is focused on luxury consumption. But ErdoIan defends the interest of construction sector and to this end, he does not hesitate to raise disputes with the government in public.

And DavutoIlu has to retreat. January is the last chance DavutoIlu has to not submit to ErdoIan.

Everybody except ErdoIan has an interest in seeing that legality is reintroduced. DavutoIlu will be able to exercise his powers even when he relies on the constitutional law.

Illegality is the weakest link in the chain for everybody except ErdoIan. Law and legality will determine who will win in 2015.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman