MuMTAZER – ErdoIan is afraid

ErdoIan is afraidThe detention of the police officers who carried out the graft operations which became public on Dec. 17 and 25 of last year shows that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan is living in great fear The people in the streets said, “Thieves are at large while honest police officers are under detention.

” On Dec. 17, 2013, Turkey was shocked by these reports of major corruption.

The suspects of these claims — which have been referred to the courts — have been released one by one thanks to the government’s intervention in the affairs of the judiciary. The decision of the judges who released the corruption suspects to detain the police officers who carried out the graft operations as part of their newly appointed positions is not normal in a democracy.

Since these detentions were part of the government’s plan for revenge, the police officers were handcuffed and marched before the cameras. The detention of police officers is also intended to intimidate those public servants who dare not to follow ErdoIan’s illegal orders.

It is a signal of despair for a government to resort to illegal action in order to maintain its power The detention of the police officers who carried out the graft operations which became public on Dec. 17 and 25 shows that ErdoIan has exhausted all his options.

ErdoIan’s sphere is getting narrower If he cannot win the presidential elections slated for Aug. 10, he will lose his power If he cannot win the elections, he will lose his dominant position in Turkish politics.

Thus, he is trying to eliminate any possible problems that he may face in the future before he loses his grip on power This is a really hard task.The detention of the police officers who carried out the graft operations will not undo the corruption probes.

Once the balance of power is restored in Turkish politics after the presidential elections, the corruption probes will be resumed. There are lots of public officials who would commit crimes in order to illegally put an end to these corruption investigations.

All of them will be tried for the crimes they have committed. In order to boost the morale of his accomplices in the state and reinforce the armor of protection around him, ErdoIan has police officers detained.

Will threats and intimidation be enough to put an end to these corruption investigations which have become a nightmare for his closest circle?ErdoIan is not taking the presidential election for granted. It will be very hard for him to win this election in the first round.

Despite all the tools of propaganda at his disposal, he may have a difficult time against the common opposition candidate, Ekmeleddin IhsanoIlu. ErdoIan has won eight elections by playing the victim This time, there are no power groups oppressing him or his party.

The detention of police officers has reinforced ErdoIan’s image as an oppressor and a dictator Since ErdoIan’s power is limited via election, there are legal mechanisms which are still functioning. The judiciary has been severely wounded after the corruption probe of Dec.

17, but there is an opportunity to fix the judiciary next September In September, the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) elections, in which judges and prosecutors working in local courts will vote for the top body, will be held. If the government cannot win the HSYK elections, then the corruption probes can be resumed.

Then, ErdoIan may have to watch his accomplices be tried before the parliamentary elections of 2015 when his hands are tied in the ankaya presidential palace. This will be psychological torture.

This is why ErdoIan is currently trying to intimidate the police officers, although he knows that this will damage his image during the presidential election campaign. A bill on the amendment of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) which is currently being discussed in Parliament makes the government’s interventions in the judiciary no longer offenses.

It is clear that this bill aims to protect state officials who committed crimes by putting an end to the corruption probes of Dec. 17 and 25.

This is also a signal of a fearErdoIan can save himself from being tried for five years if he can win the presidential election. However, he cannot protect his inner circle who committed crimes.

Soon, due process of law will begin functioning again, and the judges will perform their jobs. When we add the possible problems that ErdoIan’s successor will face within the party to these issues, I do not see a bright future for the government.

In October 2014, everything can be reversed.ErdoIan is very afraid.

Because of this fear — fed by his despair — he openly violates the law.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman